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Get To Know Geoff

Geoffrey is a native of New York City who discovered his passion for acting and, particularly, singing at a young age. Interested in creating positive change in the world, Geoffrey discovered the personal and political power that theatre could have while performing in The Laramie Project as a high school sophomore. It was this experience that convinced Geoffrey of the transformational power of art and performance as a means of both personal and societal healing and evolution.


After receiving his Bachelors in History from Brown University, Geoffrey dedicated himself to performing theatre in new, interesting, and aesthetically adventurous ways. His first theatrical experience after college was a performance of King Lear in an abandoned Revolutionary-War era Fort in his home borough of Staten Island. He went on tour a five-actor production of Hamlet to various high schools in the New England region while teaching Shakespeare and Storytelling to grades four and above as a Resident Artist with the Shakesperience theatre company. Geoffrey went on to play Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, a neuro-diverse theatre company dedicated to creating an inclusive theatre space for neurodiverse artists and audiences. He has also enjoyed performing in various immersive productions such as Underland, an immersive Halloween experience based off of Alice in Wonderland produced by Ten31 Productions in Rhode Island, where he appeared as the Mad Hatter.


Geoffrey has recently graduated with an MFA in Classical Acting from The Academy at Shakespeare Theatre Company and George Washington University. He has been training in movement techniques such as Droznin and Laban as well as vocal techniques centered around the work of Catherine Fitzmaurice. He has also worked extensively with Meisner Technique as well as Practical Aesthetics. Most recently, Geoffrey is currently performing with the DC cast of Drunk Shakespeare!


Geoffrey is incredibly excited to be performing in person once again. He has truly missed the stage with a passion and hopes you will join him in enjoying the magic of theatre and film now that it can be produced safely.

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